About Modern Ratio

Modern Ratio is all about your personal well-being. We launched in September 2019 as a site for those who want to be better versions of themselves but never learned how. Life is hard and doesn’t come with an instruction manual. We struggled down this exact path ourselves, and we want to help you so it isn’t as difficult for you.

It’s important to foster every aspect of one’s well-being and to not neglect certain areas for others. Striking the ideal balance is what we call the modern ratio: when all areas of life are in tune, that’s we grow as people. These areas include personal style and appearance, social manners and etiquette, healthy living, money management, life skills, home living, and more.

We welcome everyone at Modern Ratio. It’s never too late to pursue personal greatness.

Editorial Integrity

Modern Ratio’s highest priority is our relationship with our readers. Your trust is the most important thing to us, which is why we’re committed to honesty and transparency in everything we write. We strive to ensure that our opinions are never swayed by outsiders. We also strive to always disclose any potential conflicts of interest in our articles. In case of sponsored content, we strive to maintain independent opinions and clearly mark all instances where sponsors are involved. Please see our Affiliate Disclosure page for details on our affiliate linking policy.

If you ever have any concerns regarding the integrity of a contributor or the site as a whole, please don’t hesitate to contact us.