How to Improve Your Social Life: 12 Tips for Shy Introverts

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Even an introvert gets tired of spending the night at home watching Netflix. Going weeks or months without hanging out with friends takes a toll on you after a while. An active social life can improve your mood and make you feel much happier.

While there’s nothing wrong with having a little me-time, you should try to get together with friends. Follow these steps to improve your social life.

1. Focus on Relationship Quality

Remember the old saying, “Quality over quantity?” Well, the same goes for your friendships. Having two good friends is better than having 20 acquaintances. Maintaining close friendships with so many different people is nearly impossible. Rather than focusing on adding more people to your list of connections, build on your existing companionship.

2. Say “Yes” More Often

How often have you skipped a party or social outing recently? Say “no” often enough, and you’ll start to receive fewer invitations. Relaxing after a long week of work might seem enticing, but getting together with friends often proves much more fun and rewarding. Remember that your friends invited you because they look forward to seeing you!

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3. Start Hosting

It’s easy to wait for your friends to invite you to a party, but what’s stopping you from hosting your own? You don’t have to throw a huge party, either. Have a game night, or try hosting a simple gathering. While having a group of people at your home might seem intimidating, it will only strengthen your friendships.

4. Join a Club

If you’re looking for unique ways to meet more people, join a club. A cooking class, book club, trivia group, or sports team is worth checking out. Search Facebook or Meetup for groups in your area. With so many unique clubs, you can find like-minded people and make new friends.

5. Hang Out With Coworkers

You see your coworkers almost daily, and you might not even consider them friends. You can instantly relate to your coworkers and probably even have the same complaints about your workplace. Gather some coworkers you trust, and invite them for a bite to eat after work or even during your lunch break.

6. Reconnect With Old Friends

You don’t always have to look for new friends. Sometimes, the best friends are the ones from your past. Although you might’ve lost touch with friends from high school or college, try reconnecting with them. Reminiscing about your teenage years is always a hilarious experience.

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7. Plan Conversation Starters

Do you often panic when someone walks up to you at a social gathering, and you don’t know what to say? Well, you can avoid that awkward silence by planning out some conversation starters in advance.

For example, you can ask people what books they’re reading or podcasts they’re listening to. You can also ask about something a person is wearing, bring up recent sports games, or discuss topics related to the time of year. Worst case, you can try Googling “conversation starters” and pull suggestions from lists.

8. Befriend Another Introvert

Introverts know themselves best. If you are trying to improve your social life by adding new friends, you may want to seek out other introverts. They’ll understand if you are shy, want to stick to quiet activities, and don’t enjoy large parties. Chances are, they will enjoy the same things.

9. Ask Easy-To-Answer Questions on Topics That Interest You

No matter how shy you are, you probably have certain topics that interest you. You can use these topics to your advantage and maintain conversations around them. Just plan out some easy-to-answer questions to get the conversation started. Then, you can share your expertise to gain clout with people.

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10. Be More Positive

Not only does positivity attract friends, but it also helps you keep them. Boost your mood before leaving your house, and start the day with a good attitude. You become much more approachable when you greet someone with a smile.

It’s also important to stay positive when chatting with friends. No one wants a friend who’s always expressing negative thoughts and complaining.

11. Stay Open-Minded

In the past, you might’ve been picky about your friends. Maybe you thought certain people were “too cool” for you, or you judged them based on their interests. When you become an adult, none of this should matter. Some of the most exciting people are very different from you.

12. Build Your Confidence

The more you practice socializing and making friends, the more confidence you’ll build. Although you may feel uncomfortable putting yourself out there, start in small ways with one or two people. As you feel more comfortable around them, you’ll gain confidence and find it easier to talk to others.

Bettering Your Social Life

Maintaining a social life as an adult is hard, but that’s no excuse for avoiding one. Remember that you don’t have to have plans every night… that’s way too draining. Making plans with friends every once in a while is still better than having no plans at all.

Once you improve the quality of your social life, keep going with our tips on how to maintain friends as an adult.

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