10 Brilliant Fall Colognes for Men

Fragrances are a lot like clothing. Some stuff, like jeans and t-shirts, can be worn year-round while other items, like henleys and hoodies, are better suited to certain seasons. Similarly, there are awesome year-round fragrances out there, but some are best experienced during the fall season.

What makes a cologne good for fall? If the most distinctive quality of autumn is the colorful shedding of leaves, then it serves to reason that the most complimentary colognes would be ones that evoke feelings of woodiness, earthiness, warmth, maybe even a bit of spice (pumpkin pies and pumpkin lattes, anyone?).

If you want to impress with your scent this fall season, here are the best fall colognes for men that you should consider checking out. Before diving in, you may want to read up on what scent families are and why they’re important.

1. Baldessarini Ambre EDT by Baldessarini

Scent Family: Oriental

Top Notes: Mandarin, red apple
Heart Notes: Violet
Base Notes: Leather, whiskey

2. Bvlgari Man In Black EDP by Bvlgari

Scent Family: Oriental

Top Notes: Rum, cardamom, cinnamon
Heart Notes: Tuberose, iris, leather
Base Notes: Tonka bean, guaiac wood, benzoin

3. Burberry London EDT by Burberry

Scent Family: Woody

Top Notes: Bergamot, lavender, cinnamon, black pepper
Heart Notes: Mimosa flower, port wine, leather
Base Notes: Guaiac wood, oakmoss, tobacco leaf

4. D&G The One EDT by Dolce & Gabbana

Scent Family: Oriental/Aromatic

Top Notes: Grapefruit, coriander, basil
Heart Notes: Cardamom, ginger, orange blossom
Base Notes: Cedar, ambergris, tobacco

5. Dunhill Icon EDP by Alfred Dunhill

Scent Family: Oriental/Aromatic

Top Notes: Neroli, bergamot, black pepper, petitgrain
Heart Notes: Lavender, cardamom, sage, juniper berry
Base Notes: Iris, leather, vetiver, oakmoss, oud

6. Gucci Guilty Absolute EDP by Gucci

Scent Family: Woody

Top Notes: Leather
Heart Notes: Patchouli, cypress
Base Notes: Vetiver, goldenwood

7. Spicebomb EDT by Viktor & Rolf

Scent Family: Oriental

Top Notes: Bergamot, grapefruit
Heart Notes: Elemi, pink pepper
Base Notes: Leather, tobacco, vetiver

8. La Nuit de L’Homme EDT by YSL

Scent Family: Oriental

Top Notes: Cardamom, bergamot
Heart Notes: Lavender, cedar
Base Notes: Amber, tonka bean, vetiver

9. Code Profumo EDP by Giorgio Armani

Scent Family: Oriental

Top Notes: Mandarin, green apple, cardamom
Heart Notes: Orange blossom, lavender, nutmeg
Base Notes: Tonka bean, amber, leather

10. Fahrenheit EDT by Christian Dior

Scent Family: Woody

Top Notes: Bergamot, lemon, lavender, violet, hawthorn, honeysuckle, mace, chamomile
Heart Notes: Jasmine, lily of the valley, cedar, sandalwood
Base Notes: Amber, patchouli, leather, tonka bean, musk, styrax, lenstiscus

Are these a bit too far outside of your price range? No worries! Check out our list of the best budget colognes for men, which includes a selection of affordable colognes you can rock this fall season.

Joel Lee

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