The Ultimate Way to Hang Your Pants: The Savile Row Fold

Hanging Clothes

Pretty much all of us have pants. Between jeans, chinos, cargo pants, sweatpants, joggers, and every other style of pants, you probably have quite a few.

If you’re ever tried to hang a pair of pants, you’re probably aware of how annoying it is. They don’t stay on the hanger and then your nice clean pants fall to the floor and get covered in who knows what. They get all wrinkled, and you need to wash them again. It’s a struggle.

Thankfully, there’s a better way. After testing just about every single possible method of hanging pants, we’ve confirmed the ultimate way to do it: the Savile Row Fold.

This simple technique makes it so your pants will stay on the hanger no matter what you do (if you pull the pants hard enough, you might find that your hanger breaks before the pants come off). And it’s not difficult to do.

Here’s everything you need to know about hanging your pants this way and a handy step-by-step guide with photos.

How to Hang Your Pants: The Savile Row Fold

1. Hold the Pants Upside Down

You’ll be hanging the pants by the legs with the Savile Row Fold method, so you’ll need to hold them upside down. This is one way this method differs because many other hanging techniques hang the pants by the waist.

2. Straddle the Pants on the Hanger

You need to have one leg on each side of the hanger in order for the next step to work, so make sure your pants are straddling the hanger. Hold one pant leg in each hand so you can easily execute the next step.

3. Fold One Leg Through The Hanger

savile row 2

Once you’ve properly positioned the pants, you’ll need to pull one leg through the hanger and fold it over. Pull the pant leg all the way down so that the hem of the pant is lined up with the crotch of the pants. This makes it so you won’t have a fold down the middle of the pants where it’s visible, no matter how long you have them hanging.

4. Fold the Other Leg Over the First One

savile row 3

Once you have the first pant leg pulled down the correct amount, you simply need to route the other pant leg through the hanger over the first leg. Give the pant legs a quick smooth with your hands to make sure there won’t be any wrinkles when you go to wear them next time.

4. Give the Hanger a Shake

This step is optional, but I do it every single time. There’s something so satisfying about how tightly the Savile Row Fold locks down your pants, so I always want to give it a shake to prove I’ve done it correctly. If you didn’t follow the directions, the pants will probably slide off, and you’ll need to go back to step one. If you’ve done everything right, the pants should be locked in and you can put them away knowing they’ll be there when you come back for them.

What If You Don’t Want to Do the Savile Row Fold?

If you’re not a fan of using your existing hangers with the Savile Row method, your best alternative is to buy dedicated pant hangers. We’ve tried all of the other pant hanging methods out there, and none of them compare.

pant hangers

If you decide to go with dedicated pant hangers, you can get a 20-pack on Amazon for just over $1 per hanger. These are extra grippy, so your pants won’t slide off when you hang them.

Alternatively, you can get a 30-pack of clip hangers for around the same price.

Either one of these will do the job, but the nice thing with the Savile Row Fold is that it uses the hangers you already have, thus saving you some money.

Dave LeClair

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