How to Feel Confident in Your Clothes

If you’re trying out a new style, you might feel a wave of insecurity as soon as you step out the door. This feeling is strong enough to make you turn around and change into a completely different outfit.

How can you fight the urge to change out of an amazing outfit? Increasing your confidence can make you feel more comfortable wearing what you really want to wear. These tips will boost your self-esteem and help you develop your own personal style.

1. Wear Something You Actually Like

wear something you like

Feeling confident in your clothes has one rule: never wear something that you don’t like. You shouldn’t have to wear something just because it’s trendy. The latest styles shouldn’t have any influence on your clothing choice (unless you want it to).

When you don’t even like the current fad, don’t force yourself to wear it. This also goes for anything else you just don’t like. Instead of trying to conform, you need to know clear boundaries of what you like and dislike. This way, you can figure out your own personal style.

See something you absolutely adore, but no one else wears it? That gives you even more of a reason to rock it. Once you realize what makes your personal taste unique, you can start developing more confidence.

2. Don’t Pay Attention to Size

size clothing confidence

While you should obviously make sure that your clothes fit, you shouldn’t get hung up on size. No one’s going to know whether you wear a large or a small, so why should you care? If it looks good on you, you can flaunt it.

Make sure that you don’t wear something that’s too small just because you want to fit into a smaller size. Too-tight clothes don’t look flattering on anyone. The same goes for choosing a larger size when you can actually wear something smaller—baggy clothes make amazing outfits look drab.

3. Keep It Comfortable

keep it comfortable confidence
Image Credit: Isadora Menezes

Don’t feel comfortable wearing a skin-tight crop top? Don’t wear it. Even if you put in a ton of thought into your outfit, you might need to return to your closet to change.

You can either feel physically or mentally uncomfortable with your outfit. If the new pumps you bought hurt your feet, they’re not worth wearing no matter how cute they look. When you’re mentally uncomfortable with an outfit, you just won’t feel like it suits you, whether that’s because it’s too revealing or it’s just not your style.

If your outfit falls into any of those scenarios, it’s time to put it back on the rack. Feeling uncomfortable results in a huge lack of confidence.

4. Highlight Your Best Features

highlight best feature confidence

Think about what you love on your body. Do you have beautiful long legs? Wear a pair of skinny jeans, a short sundress, or a miniskirt to highlight that feature.

Once you find ways to draw attention to your hourglass figure, feminine shoulders, curvy waistline, or any other part of yourself that you love, you can start feeling confident in your own skin.

5. Know What Looks Good on You

know what looks good confidence

Not only should you know how to highlight your fabulous features, but you should also know what exactly looks good on you. Have you figured out what color lipstick best suits your skin tone? This can also help you when shopping for clothes.

Your complexion plays a role in whether certain colors suit you. Sometimes, you might know what colors look great (and which don’t) just by looking in the mirror—other times, you might need a second opinion.

6. Take New Risks Every Day

take risks confidence

The best way to increase your confidence is to take new risks every day. Try to step a bit out of your comfort zone (without feeling too uncomfortable) on a daily basis.

That said, don’t let any fashion mishaps discourage you from experimenting with your clothes. If you like something and think it looks great, just wear it. Your confidence will shine through your style.

Discovering Your Style

When you radiate confidence as you rock your own unique style, that inspires other people to do the same. Soon, your confidence will transform your whole look!

As you search your closet for the perfect outfit, you might realize that you have tons of clothes that you haven’t worn in years. If that’s the case, you might want to see if it’s time to get rid of your old clothes.

Emma Roth

Emma is a staff writer at Modern Ratio. Not only is she an avid writer and tech geek, she's an expert in makeup, skincare, and fashion. She's based in Connecticut.