The Most Affordable Clothing Brands for Stylish Men

The Most Affordable Clothing Brands For Stylish Men Featured

Have you decided to start your personal style journey but not sure where to begin? Start with affordable men’s fashion. After all, you probably don’t want to start with the expensive brands just yet, because you still need to figure out what your tastes are. When you’re first embarking on this adventure, stick with the more affordable clothing brands. That way you won’t suffer too much regret when you inevitably buy something you only wear once.

This also saves you from buyer’s regret after splurging on expensive items that just aren’t your style. You’d be surprised how much you can learn about yourself when buying something you end up hating! Valuable lessons at an affordable price.

Here are the best affordable clothing brands for men, ranked. I’m only including brands that offer a wide range of apparel, rather than brands that specialize in a specific type.

1. Uniqlo

The Most Affordable Clothing Brands For Stylish Men Uniqlo

Uniqlo is, bar none, the best clothing brand for men who are just starting to learn about style. It provides the perfect intersection of quality and stylishness at an extremely affordable price, without being too “out there.” This Japanese brand is all about clean, minimal, flattering looks and offers everything from shirts to pants, from basic essentials to outerwear.

2. Goodthreads

The Most Affordable Clothing Brands For Stylish Men Goodthreads

Goodthreads is Amazon’s in-house fashion brand for men and women who are both style-conscious and budget-conscious. You’ll find all kinds of clothing items that cater to both slim-fit and standard-fit wearers, and Goodthreads offers pretty much everything: shirts, jeans, pants, sweaters, and even jackets. It’s a strong alternative to Uniqlo if your tastes lean more towards American.

3. Target

The Most Affordable Clothing Brands For Stylish Men Target

Target has an extremely affordable in-house brand of fashionable apparel for men, and it’s called Goodfellow & Co. You can find shirts for under $20, chinos for under $30, and blazers for under $50 – or even less if you can catch a sale or look for clearances. Their t-shirts, undershirts, and socks are also quite nice. And for those of you who are on the bigger side, the Big & Tall category helps you stay stylish regardless of your size.

4. Amazon Essentials

The Most Affordable Clothing Brands For Stylish Men Amazonessentials

Leave it to Amazon to churn out acceptable quality apparel that anyone can afford. The only brand I can think of that’s cheaper than this is Primark. The drawback to shopping Amazon Essentials? Everything is super basic, bland, and even boring. But that’s fine, because Amazon Essentials is there to help you start and build up the fundamentals of your wardrobe. Once that’s done, you can slowly replace each piece with another brand of better quality.

5. Levi’s

The Most Affordable Clothing Brands For Stylish Men Levis

While Levi’s is a great place to go for jeans and chinos of satisfactory quality, I tend to avoid everything else. Jeans and chinos retail for between $40 and $60, but you can save quite a bit if you wait around for a seasonal sale to knock off 40% to 50% of the price. There’s also a Secondhand section for gently used jeans. Note that Levi’s has inconsistent quality control when it comes to sizing, so you’ll want to visit a brick-and-mortar store and physically try a pair on before you buy.

6. Old Navy and Gap

The Most Affordable Clothing Brands For Stylish Men Gap

Gap has decent quality apparel at decent prices, but if you’re on a budget, you’ll want to wait until they have some big sales (e.g. Black Friday, Memorial Day, etc) before you buy anything there. Old Navy is Gap’s cheaper counterpart, owned by the same company. Not great for fit if you’re on the smaller side, but you can find some stylish choices here every so often. Old Navy’s peacoats in particular are pretty nice as entry-level outerwear.

If you want to go up another step, Banana Republic is the higher-end version of Gap.


The Most Affordable Clothing Brands For Stylish Men Asos

ASOS is interesting in that it’s an online retailer that has its own branded products and also sells many other brands as well. You can get some great slim-fit chinos from ASOS, which are actually quite nice for the low price of $25. The site has a mixture of conservative and wild designs, although the overall fit tends to be slimmer and fashion-forward.

8. H&M

The Most Affordable Clothing Brands For Stylish Men Hm

H&M used to be the cheapest fast fashion brand around before it was dethroned by Primark. Still, it’s worth shopping here if you want to try out new styles for cheap, with items that are slightly better quality than what’s offered at Primark. Note that H&M’s L.O.G.G collection tends to be higher quality but also slightly more expensive. Thanks to the higher quality, they’ll also last longer, saving you money.

9. Primark

The Most Affordable Clothing Brands For Stylish Men Primark

It doesn’t get cheaper than Primark. This huge department store is difficult to navigate, but that’s a small price to pay when you can get jeans for $15, button-up shirts for $10, and a five-pack of socks for $6. The quality is mostly crap – you get what you pay for – but Primark is all about fast fashion on a budget, and it’s a great way to try out a new look for yourself without spending much at all.

10. J. Crew Factory

The Most Affordable Clothing Brands For Stylish Men Jcrew

J. Crew Factory isn’t just J. Crew’s castoffs. Instead, it’s a completely separate part of the brand and one of the more competitive affordable clothing brands. The fashion here has a similar style and quality to J. Crew, but with a much lower price point. It’s not unusual to see half off or more. For example, a typically $80 plaid shirt is just $25. If you wait for sales, you can get things even cheaper.

11. Bonobos

The Most Affordable Clothing Brands For Stylish Men Bonobos

While Bonobos isn’t the cheapest affordable men’s fashion brand, it achieves a great balance between quality and price. You’d be hard pressed to a brand with higher quality at a lower price point. While most shirts run between $75 – $100, they’ll last you for years with proper care. They also have stylish chinos and suits. If you’re looking for an affordable splurge, this is the place to shop. The key is to wait until there’s a sale. Then, you can score higher quality items for over 50% off.

12. Cabela’s

The Most Affordable Clothing Brands For Stylish Men Cabelas

As one of the most surprising affordable clothing brands on this list, Cabela’s shouldn’t be discounted just because it’s an outdoors store. The store features a wide selection of stylish clothing for men, women, and kids. Grab super warm, fleece-lined, plaid shirts for under $25. Get a classic Henley for around $25 as well. Plus, you’ll find sales quite often, making already low prices irresistible.

13. Thrift Shops

Sadly, thrift shops often get a bad reputation. You immediately think of used, worn out clothing. Instead, thrift shops are usually full of gently used clothing. You can even find brand new items. From already low-priced brands to designer brands, you’ll find a bit of everything. It’s not unusual to find prices less than half of the original. But, check back to your favorite thrift stores often to see what new goodies have come in. Plus, you can even donate or sell your own gently used fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my affordable clothing last longer?

No matter what the quality might be, there are a few ways to help make your clothes last longer. Mainly, wash and dry them properly. Use our guide on washing and drying to get the most out of your stylish wardrobe.

Does affordable mean low quality?

No. While some affordable clothing brands are lower quality, there are some high end designer brands that are low quality as well. Typically, you’re not getting the best quality ever with affordable brands, but you can still get at least a few years of wear out of it.

Can I mix affordable and more expensive brands?

Definitely. You might opt for more affordable dress shirts, but opt for a more expensive suit to use with the shirts. Many stylish men have a mix. By saving with some affordable pieces, they’re able to spend more on other items.

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