The 10 Best Ultra Cheap Men’s Colognes for Tight Budgets

I’ve previously listed several budget men’s colognes that smell amazing and can be acquired for less than $12/oz. While those options are great in terms of value, you may not be in a position right now to drop that much cash on a bottle even though it’ll last a long time. Or maybe your tastes change too frequently to commit to a bottle that costs that much.

Fortunately, there are lots of ultra cheap men’s colognes out there that smell way better than their price tags suggest. These can be great for when you want to expand your collection and explore more colognes without going broke.

The problem with ultra cheap fragrances is that their affordability could introduce some issues. For example, various aspects of performance may suffer (it may not project well or last very long). Or you might find that your skin is allergic to one of the ingredients. Or maybe it’s just so popular and widespread that you won’t stand out by wearing it—but even then, I still believe it’s better to wear something generic than not wear anything at all.

So if you’re looking to wet your toes in the world of men’s cologne and don’t have much to spend, or you want to expand your collection without going broke, check out these ultra cheap men’s colognes which can be had for under $6/oz (which is often under $20 per bottle).

Note: Before diving into these ultra cheap male fragrances, you may want to brush up on fragrance scent families and which ones are best to wear in your situation!

Ultra Cheap Men’s Colognes: Spring/Summer

Pure Game EDT by Adidas

Scent Family: Woody/Spicy

Top Notes: Grapefruit, mandarin, basil, pepper
Heart Notes: Lavender, guaiac wood, cypress
Base Notes: Sandalwood, patchouli, incense, tonka bean

White Musk EDC by Jovan

Scent Family: Aromatic/Fresh

Top Notes: Citrus, mint, thyme, green apple, melon
Heart Notes: Cloves, geranium
Base Notes: White musk

8.0 EDT by Zara

Scent Family: Aromatic/Fresh

Top Notes: Melon, mint, violet
Heart Notes: Lily-of-the-valley
Base Notes: Amber, musk, cedar

Ultra Cheap Men’s Colognes: Fall/Winter

Cuba Gold EDT by Cuba Paris

Scent Family: Oriental

Top Notes: Pink pepper, grapefruit
Heart Notes: Vetiver, lavender
Base Notes: Vanilla, amber

Man Silver EDT by Zara

Scent Family: Woody/Aromatic

Top Notes: Neroli
Heart Notes: Pepper
Base Notes: Sandalwood

Everlast Original 1910 EDT by Everlast

Scent Family: Oriental/Woody

Top Notes: Lime, lavender, mandarin, mint, grapefruit
Heart Notes: Nutmeg, cypress, cinnamon, tarragon, geranium
Base Notes: Leather, tonka bean, patchouli, musk, guaiac wood

Quorum EDT by Antonio Puig

Scent Family: Woody/Aromatic

Top Notes: Artemisia, caraway, grapefruit, bergamot, lemon
Heart Notes: Cyclamen, pine tree, carnation, sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine
Base Notes: Leather, amber, oakmoss, tobacco

Ultra Cheap Men’s Colognes: Year Round

Seoul EDT by Zara

Scent Family: Aromatic

Top Notes: Mandarin, nutmeg
Heart Notes: Lavender
Base Notes: Amber, sea notes

1-12 Halston EDC by Halston

Scent Family: Aromatic

Top Notes: Mandarin, galbanum, basil, bergamot, lemon
Heart Notes: Carnation, juniper berries, lavender, jasmine, pine tree needles
Base Notes: Labdanum, tonka bean, amber, musk, oakmoss, vanilla, cedar

Extreme Power EDT by Adidas

Scent Family: Aromatic/Woody

Top Notes: Galbanum, bergamot, lemon
Heart Notes: Geranium, coffee, green apple
Base Notes: Sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, tonka bean

Joel Lee

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