Mid-Range Clothing Brands for Men Who Want to Step It Up

Mid Range Clothing Brands For Men Featured

I’m a huge proponent of budget men’s clothing brands because they provide a way for men to experiment with personal style without breaking the bank. But it’s true: you get what you pay for. You might find gems every once in a while, but most of the time, you’re sacrificing something to get that piece of clothing at such an affordable price.

Once you’re established in your sense of personal style and know for sure what you want, or if you want to experiment further and try designs and materials that aren’t available in budget clothing brands, you’ll want to start exploring mid-range men’s clothing brands. These options are more costly, of course, but they aren’t so expensive that your wallet will hate you.

1. Land’s End

mid range men clothing brand lands end

Land’s End used to be part of Sears, and you’ll see that reflected in the safe and conservative designs across most of its catalog. Land’s End broke off from Sears in 2014 and is now primarily an online store, with much of the same aesthetic direction. Stick to “Slim Fit” items for the most stylish options. The quality is pretty good and it’s one of the cheapest mid-range clothing brands.

2. Zara

mid range men clothing brand zara

I’ve often thought of Zara as “H&M Upgraded.” It’s fast and trendy European fashion, much like H&M, but a bit more daring in its designs and pricing. Everything here is tailored towards a slim-fit look – maybe even a bit too slim – so keep that in mind. Note that you’re paying for the aesthetic, not quality. Zara clothes will wear out quickly if you don’t take care of them.

3. Banana Republic

mid range men clothing brand banana republic

Banana Republic is the older brother of Old Navy and Gap. In other words, it’s basically Gap with a sleeker design aesthetic at a higher price point. If you can afford it, Banana Republic has some really beautiful items in its catalog, especially chinos, sweaters, and outerwear. Stick to the “Slim Fit” items and you can’t go wrong.

4. J.Crew

mid range men clothing brand jcrew

J.Crew used to be one of the go-to mid-range clothing brands for men, but the store has fumbled a bit over the last few years. While the items still carry mid-range price tags, the quality of items has dwindled year after year. Can you still find worthwhile items at J.Crew? Of course. You’ll just have to look a bit harder and make sure you try the items on in person because J.Crew is now known for inconsistency.

5. Topman

mid range men clothing brand topman

Topman is a lot like J.Crew in that it used to be a dependable mid-range clothing brand for men that started cutting corners and eventually developed a reputation for inconsistent quality. I wouldn’t avoid it altogether, but you just have to be mindful when shopping. It has a solid range of items and styles, ranging from a street-style look up to a more mature yet modern appearance.

6. American Eagle

mid range men clothing brand american eagle

You probably think of American Eagle as a brand for high school and college students, and that wouldn’t be too far off the mark. However, American Eagle does have relatively good quality for the price, and some of the items are even pretty stylish—you just have to look hard for them. The worst thing about American Eagle is the logo that’s plastered everywhere. If you’re going to shop here, opt for items where the logo is subtle or non-existent.

7. Express

mid range men clothing brand express

A lot of the stuff from Express can feel a bit too much like clubwear, so you have to be picky when shopping here. The price tags are a bit high as well, but Express holds regular sales throughout the year so you can save a good bit of money if you’re patient and time your purchases. When you pop into Express, you’ll mainly be looking at the casual shirts, sweaters, and outerwear.

8. Club Monaco

mid range men clothing brand club monaco

Club Monaco is like the next evolution after H&M and Zara. It’s very European in its styling and much higher in quality of materials and designs, but that comes with a hefty price bump. Club Monaco sits at the high end of the mid-range clothing brands for men spectrum, and it can be pricey even when items are on sale. Make this your splurge brand for that must-have shirt.

9. Everlane

Mid Range Clothing Brands For Men Everlane

For consistent quality and style, it’s hard to beat Everlane. While the regular pricing is on the higher end for mid-range brands, the sales are often half off and more, making them closer to budget-friendly pricing. The wide range of styles, colors, and patterns mean they have something for everyone. Pretty much everything you need to create an upgraded style is all in one place here.

10. Bonobos

Mid Range Clothing Brands For Men Bonobos

Finding the perfect fit isn’t easy. Bonobos feels your pain and that’s what lead the brand to become one of the best mid-range clothing brands for men. What started as trying to create the perfect fitting pair of pants has turned into shirts, jackets, outerwear, suits, and more. For chinos and fitted jeans, you won’t find a better brand. But, their shirt collection offers some serious comfort and style.

11. American Giant

Mid Range Clothing Brands For Men American Giant

Paying more doesn’t always equal better quality, even though you’re getting the trendiest styles. But, with American Giant you don’t sacrifice style for quality. Everything’s made in the US and sold direct to consumer, which helps keep the price firmly mid-range. The classic styles of shirts, hoodies, and pants work well for most any men and you’ll find more styles and colors of tees here than most anywhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes mid-range clothing brands for men better?

There are usually two main differences from budget-friendly items. First, they’re using more stylish and better fit your frame. So, you end up looking better overall. Second, you usually get better quality, though not always. So, you’re spending a little more to get more durable clothing.

How can I start building a mid-range clothing wardrobe on a tight budget?

If you’re ready to up your style, but your wallet isn’t quite there yet, don’t worry. You can often score mid-range brands and even pricier brands that are still new or very gently used at thrift stores and consignment shops. Of course, also keep a check on your favorite brands to see when they run sales. No one has to know that you didn’t pay full price and you still have money left over to have fun and show off your updated style.

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