8 Eyebrow Plucking and Shaping Tips for Women

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Remember when thin brows were all the rage? Now that we’re (thankfully) past that era, women can feel more comfortable embracing fuller brows.

Bold, natural brows are trending, but they still require some grooming. When it comes to keeping your brows neat, you should definitely keep these plucking and shaping tips in mind.

1. Choose High-Quality Tweezers

Before you go on a plucking spree, make sure you have the right tool for the job. Tweezerman has long been considered the best tweezer brand, as its slanted tips allow for precision plucking. If you don’t want to struggle while plucking your eyebrow hairs, I’d highly suggest upgrading your tweezers.

2. Use Proper Lighting

You don’t need to shine a spotlight on your brows in order to pluck them. Having a bright light in front of your face can actually sabotage your brows. When you can see every brow hair, you’ll feel tempted to pluck hairs that don’t need plucking.

Instead of opting for vanity lighting, just embrace the room’s natural light. This will give you a better visual of what your eyebrows actually look like.

3. Stay Away From Magnified Mirrors

Those trendy magnified mirrors let you see all of your pores, wrinkles, and hairs in extremely fine detail. While this might seem ideal for plucking your brows, it can make you pluck too many hairs. Brows that look amazing close-up might look extra thin when you back away.

That’s why it’s best to pluck your brows with a regular mirror. As you pluck, take a few steps back every once in a while to see how you look.

4. Pluck After a Shower

Want to avoid some of the pain that comes along with plucking? Pluck your eyebrows after you’ve taken a warm shower. The warm water expands hair follicles and makes your hair softer. You’ll notice that it’s much easier (and less painful) to pluck your brows.

5. Trim With Caution

If your eyebrow hairs are long and unruly, you can benefit from a light trim. To avoid bald spots in your brows, brush your brows upwards, and then trim any hairs that extend beyond your brow arch.

6. Create a Natural Arch

You don’t need an intense arch to have the perfect brows. When you create an arch, it should follow the natural curve of your brow. You can find out where your arch should fall by holding one end of your brow pencil next to your nostril, and lining up the other end to the middle of your eye. This will point out the exact spot for your natural arch.

7. Identify the Beginning and End of Your Brows

Never start plucking without knowing where your brows should start and end. Whip out your handy brow pencil, and hold it in a vertical line at the bottom of your nose—the area it falls on your brow is your starting point.

Now, you’ll either have to pluck or fill in your brows to reach the starting point. Be careful not to over-pluck this area, as doing so will make your eyes look far apart.

As for the end of your brows, you can find this area by lining up your brow pencil with the outside of your nose and the far corner of your eye. Fill in or pluck your brows accordingly.

8. Don’t Stress Unmatching Brows

After you’ve finished plucking, you might notice that your brows don’t look exactly the same. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t stress about it. Trying to make your brows match each other usually does more harm than good.

Plucking Your Brows to Perfection

You should never rush plucking your brows, so take your time to make them look great. The pain is all worth it when you get to show off your clean brows!

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