10 Things Stylish Guys Should Never Wear

Things Stylish Guys Should Never Wear Featured

So you want to improve your style game. Congratulations! You’re going to notice some big changes in your life. You’ll feel more confident, people will give you more respect, and you might even be happier.

We spend a lot of time talking about what you should wear. We look at how to take a particular item and match it properly with another item. This is important information that’ll help you look great, but we also need to spend some time thinking about the things we should never wear.

If you fancy yourself a stylish man, then you need to immediately eradicate all of these items from your wardrobe. Don’t hesitate. Don’t flop back and forth. Take all of these items and donate them right now. Your new, more stylish self will thank you.

1. Cargo Shorts

Things Stylish Guys Should Never Wear Cargo Shorts
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Cargo shorts are practical. They have extra pockets, which means you can carry more of your stuff around with you. You’ll also look like a high school kid from the later 90s. Ditch the baggy cargo shorts and get a pair of chino shorts in the correct length. Your summer style game will increase substantially.

2. Square-Toed Shoes

Shoes with a square toe provide every room for wide feet, and this is nice. But they also look terrible and need to be removed from existence. They make your feet look huge, and unless your name is Pennywise, that’s a look you probably want to avoid. Just get a traditional pair of dress shoes in a wide width, and you’ll get the comfort you desire with a shoe that actually looks good.

At the same time, skip the extra pointed toe shoes too. Unless you’re trying to dress like a witch for Halloween, these shoes just don’t work.

3. Sports Jerseys

basketball jerseys

There’s only one time it’s okay to wear a jersey, and that’s at the stadium when watching your favorite team play. As a fashion choice, jerseys just never look good. And it doesn’t matter what sport, they all scream a lack of style. There are plenty of ways to show support for your favorite team (socks are a great option), but a jersey shouldn’t be one of them.

4. Gaudy Graphic T-Shirts

graphic t shirt gaudy
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You can totally wear a graphic t-shirt like an adult, but wearing a shirt with giant logos or band names isn’t a good look. If you like the simplicity offered by t-shirts, swap those gaudy graphic tees for a nice neutral plain one. You’ll be amazed at how much this tiny change can upgrade your wardrobe and the way people see you.

5. Baggy Clothing

Baggy clothing is a thing of the past. And while the trend seems to be moving away from skinny jeans a bit (at least for men), moderately snug is still the way to go. When people see you walking around with pants that are too big and a shirt that hangs low, they don’t think you look cool; they think you look sloppy. Switch to clothes that fit properly and give your wardrobe a quick and easy upgrade.

6. Sandals With Socks

sandals socks
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Sandals on their own aren’t bad, but when worn with socks, they immediately become one of the least fashionable pieces of footwear you can wear. The whole point of wearing open-toed shoes is allowing your feet to breathe, so why anyone would wear socks with them is beyond me. Still, if you ever find yourself thinking about going with this look, throw those sandals to the side and put some sneakers on.

7. Super Deep V-Neck

It’s no secret that there are lots of benefits that come from wearing a v-neck. For short guys, they add the illusion of length to the neck. However, when a v-neck goes too deep, those benefits are lost and you just look ridiculous. Cleavage is fine for women, but no one wants to see your chest hair peeking out from your super-low v-neck.

8. Anything Too Tight

Things Stylish Guys Should Never Wear Tight
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Unless you’re confident and fit enough to rock a Speedo at the beach, avoid wearing anything too tight. And definitely don’t wear something so tight and short that your belly’s left hanging out. Instead of making you look sexy, it usually just comes off as a guy that threw his clothes in the dryer too long and now they don’t fit. Or, it seems like you’ve just kept wearing the same clothes since your teenage years. Wear well-fitted, but not so tight you can’t breathe kind of clothes.

9. Side Cut Tanks

Things Stylish Guys Should Never Wear Side Cut Tank
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I know these are supposed to be a great way to show off how fit you are, but they’re not what stylish men wear. Even at the gym, a normal tank looks significantly better. In fact, you’d be better off wearing no shirt at all versus side cut tanks. Trust me, you’ll look fitter and far more stylish wearing a normal tank than one ripped down the sides.

10. Long Shorts

Things Stylish Guys Should Never Wear Long Shorts
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At some point, shorts for men went from a normal length just above the knee to being long enough to be called capris. Yes men, those extra long shorts are capris, just face it. Stylish men wear shorts that come a few inches above the knee. So, this doesn’t mean wearing shorts so short that you have to worry about your little friend randomly falling out. Long shorts tend to make both short and tall guys seem shorter. They’re also typically baggy, which we already covered is a no-no. Use our guide to better understand men’s shorts length.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my style even more?

Now that you know some of the don’ts, up your men’s style game even more by checking out these YouTube channels for men’s style and these style forums.

Are there ever any exceptions to the rules above?

Naturally. For instance, if you’re going hiking, cargo shorts could be useful, though cargo pants would be better to protect your legs. Or, if you’re going for a retro style, graphic tees with faded or understated images from the 70s and 80s work well.

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