10 Fashionable Ways to Wear a White Shirt for Women

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Never underestimate the power of a white shirt. This simple staple can make a statement when you wear it the right way. Plus, it’s versatile enough to dress up or down.

If you’re tired of feeling bland when wearing a white shirt, check out these fashionable ways to wear a white blouse.

1. Tuck It Into a Mini Skirt

While you might not even think about busting out your plain white shirt for a night out, you can easily make it look party-ready with a mini skirt. Tuck your white blouse into a form-fitting mini skirt, and pair it with some heels (or even boots). Your white top definitely won’t look plain anymore!

2. Wear It With Blue Denim

A white shirt with a pair of blue jeans is the most classic way to rock a white top. This look never goes out of style. Tuck the front of your shirt into some loose-fitting or skinny jeans. You can opt to dress it up with colorful heels, or go casual with a pair of white canvas sneakers.

3. Pair It With Black Slacks

A white button-down blouse is an essential addition to your office wardrobe. Get the most out of your look by tucking your white blouse into black slacks, and top it off with a black blazer. Don’t be afraid to dress up your look even more by integrating a colorful chunky necklace.

4. Color Block With a Midi Skirt

If you’re not a fan of the black and white look, color block your outfit by tucking your white shirt into a vibrant, non-patterned midi skirt. Add another layer of color with a blue denim jacket, and you’ll have your new favorite everyday look.

5. Experiment With Black Leather

Leather pants are flashy, which is why they look especially sleek when worn with a white blouse. A white top balances out the shiny leather, giving you a casual, yet sophisticated look that you just can’t get with jeans.

6. Wear High-Waisted Bottoms With a Belt

Whether you wear a white blouse with high-waisted jeans or shorts, it’s always a good idea to split up the look with a belt. A stylish belt can make your outfit look a lot less bland.

7. Try Gingham or Plaid Print Pants

You don’t have to worry about looking tacky when wearing plaid or gingham pants if you match it with a plain white top. Pants with a black and white pattern look amazing with a white blouse—the modest top counteracts the busyness of the slacks.

8. Rock Burgundy Pants

White and burgundy make a beautiful combination. When you get tired of wearing black and white to work, slip on a white blouse with burgundy tie waist pants.

9. Get Sporty

On days when you don’t feel like dressing up, put on your favorite pair of tapered sweatpants, a white t-shirt, and some white sneakers. This way, you can feel comfortable while looking stylishly sporty.

10. Bring Back Overalls

Overalls are back in style! This 90s trend looks best with a white tee or long-sleeve shirt underneath. It’s a low-maintenance look that’ll give you a ton of nostalgia.

Styling a White Shirt: Success!

When you compliment a white shirt with certain colors, accessories, patterns, and pants, you’ll have an eye-catching outfit. Whether you opt for a simple or layered look, a white shirt will soon become part of your daily wardrobe.

You can’t rock a white shirt with jeans that don’t look or fit right. Go on and find the perfect pair of jeans so you can look your best.

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